Refurbishment and extension of corner office building

The brief was the extension, refurbishment and rebranding of an existing corner building. Works were split into three phases, the upgrading of common parts, the refurbishment of intermediate floors and finally the extension of ground and basement to provide 1,300 sq.m of office space.

 At ground and lower basement levels works will be carried out around the existing concrete frame and masonry structure to bring the former basement storage/plant area into new office use. The ground floor slab will be lowered, superfluous brickwork to columns removed and perimeter pavement lights introduced.

Rooflights will be introduced into the ground floor terrace to the rear and superfluous structure removed from basement columns to reveal their original construction and increase space and light within the floorplate. A new corner entrance will be created to serve this new major floor space.

Intermediate floors have been reserviced and refurbished.

Common parts have been upgraded and restyled in line with the newly created spaces at upper and lower floors.


Plan Website 2 office nw1 460

Ground floor plan





View along Drummond St

New binstore with laser cut metal screen

Proposed Section