Black Heath Housing Scheme

A collection of views from our recent residential proposal near Blackheath, Greenwich.

The current scheme proposes improvements to a shared road used also by flats and businesses to the north. The resulting terrace mediates between the uses and scales of the terrace to the north and the more suburban housing to the south. The new housing scheme explores different tectonic options using rich materials including a further journey into innovative use of brick and a bronze coloured zinc cladding that references hues of surrounding developments. We're very excited by this project, not just for the opportunity to make great affordable living spaces but by the challenge of making positive change where, unlike many spaces in London, change is not inevitable..

We are also involved with another nearby classic outer London brownfield plot where we are looking at Custom build options aimed at London's keyworkers. Keep an eye on our instagram feed #urbanmeshdesign for details.



Street view of Black Heath in Greenwich, SE3.

Street elevation of Black Heath.

South street view of Black Heath.