Extensive refurbishment of a six storey mixed use building to form 5 high end residential units
5 new high end flats (1 x 3 bedroom flats, 1 x 2 bedroom flat and 3 x 1 bedroom flats)

The existing building was taken back to brick and floor joists with significant internal structural alteration including new rear existing

infill and structural bracing to form common parts staircase and lift.

The project was conducted in 2 phases during 18 months on site - where the demolition, new lift pit & basement slab was coordinated in the first phase followed by the structural and roof works, before internals in the second.

The design's challenges were to fit very modern elements such as the kitchens and wardrobes into rooms with more period replicated features. This was achieved by making clear separation of the modern element’s and using a muted, light colour scheme to match with the existing period features.

Additionally the setting out of the lift core and common parts stairwell was crucial to the spaces in the rest of the building and internal rooms to the flats.

Some of the construction challenges faced were completing the works to the new lift and associated structural works - with the integration of extensive servicing for air conditioning, whole house ventilation and lighting & AV requirements.

32 qas living kitchen architect

32 qas living fireplace architect

32 qas bathroom architect

32 qas bathroom detail architect

32 qas waredrobe detail lighting architect

32 qas staircase detail newel architect