New two bed apartment & basement commercial unit
Existing office converted into new 2 bed Flat; basement area excavated and opened up to form a new 280 sq.m substantial commercial unit

The existing ground floor office within a 4 storey brick Victorian residential block was converted into an 80m2 2 bed flat.

To achieve this the existing ground floor unit was stripped back to it's structure revealing a very unusual existing floor/ceiling construction and the fact that every wall was bearing load from other occupied floors of the building above.

New 2 bedroom flat

The inside of the flat was thermally and acoustically lined and had new services integrated, including a heat recovery system, boiler and servicing for 2 new bathrooms. The styling for the flat used clean, contemporary lines and light, cool colours with hidden recessed lighting creating a light and spacious feel to the living and bathroom spaces. The character of the existing Victorian building was complemented by the use of traditional detailing with modern finishes to the joinery and timber elements within the flat.

New commercial unit - Ground floor and basement

A substantial new commercial space was created in the basement area. The existing basement had low headroom making it commercially unviable. The space was excavated which required complex underpinning of the structure whilst most of the building above was in occupation. Numerous new openings were made and much of the services from the floors above had to be rerouted.

Access to the new unit is via ground floor with a double height space and a staircase. A rear coutyard was enclosed with a glass structure further increasing the usable space at basement level whilst providing improved levels of daylighting.


The construction was complex. All underpinning had to be carried out in an occupied building. The resultant level change of over 1000mm required complex temporary works and column support as shown in these images.

ashland house bathroom2 architect

ashland house bathroom architect

ashland house site2 architect

ashland house site3 architect

ashland house site4 architect

ashland house site architect