New Penthouse & renovation of four flats

The building was used as offices and split into 2 parts with many small rooms throughout the levels. The project was effectively a facade retention, removing nearly all the floors and installing a new basement slab.

The new shell has large floor plate areas on one level with full trolley sized lifts shafts for the clinic at the rear. The new structure was a steel frame lifted into place over the front facade.

The new mansard was formed as part of the extension of 42-50 Weymouth Street which included an internal terrace requested by the planners. The design of the penthouse accommodated three bedrooms and maximised the external terrace. This was achieved by using folding doors and maintaining the same levels both inside and out. On the floor below, two flats were refurbished whilst a new flat was formed in the basement.

The shell - approx. 1,800m

Residential - 500m2

Total - 2,300m2


Services provided:

Architects drawings including tender & planning packages.


42 weymouth plan architect

      Third floor plan