Converting flats & medical suites into a single 430m² high end house

The brief was to create a new high end residential property with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, three kitchens and two terraces. In order to achieve this the building had to be stripped back to its bare structural bones and rebuilt in its entirety. We were able to retain key features and embelish these with the addition of further replicated Edwardian features where required and with more contemporary styling where appropriate.

The demand for a high provision of servicing also had to be accommodated. This included air conditioning and fully integrated AV throughout the property. We felt it essential that services were introduced in an understated way. The resultant spaces retain the essence of the Edwardian proportions and character whilst delivering a clean, modern, comfortable and high tech living environment.

The project was published in the Marylebone Journal August '12 edition.


First Floor Plan


Master bedroom

Bathroom 460px

 Bathroom with marble basins

Storage 460px

Walk-in closet

Renovated hall

1a uws site 460px

During construction - the sitting room

Front elevation - New double glazed crittal windows

Entrance hall

Sitting room with air conditioning

Living room - New walnut parquet floor

Lower ground floor kitchen with marble worktop

Dining room - New marble fire place and matching coving